Mellow Yellow

For many, yellow is not a colour they would reach for in their wardrobe. It conjures up images of insipid, brash tones that turn the skin sallow and make you look like a children’s television presenter. However for me it brings an entirely different image. It makes me think of happiness, laughter, sunshine, flowers, and generally brings a smile to my face. Over the last year or so, I have incorporated a lot more colour into my wardrobe, namely yellow and orange, as they bring me the most happiness.

Yellow is a hard colour to get right. You don’t want it so bright it is blinding and almost luminous, but you also don’t want it to be dark, and more brown in tone. I have a few items from Topshop, which in my opinion, are in the perfect shade.

Photo 02-04-2017, 16 58 24Photo 02-04-2017, 16 58 31

( Jeans – Topshop // Top – Topshop // Bag – Steve Madden // Shoes – Missguided // Sunglasses – Roxy )

Photo 02-04-2017, 17 00 07

On a sunny afternoon I like to pair a yellow top with blue jeans, some little shoes and a cute bag, for a relaxed and cheerful look.

Spring and summer are time for fun fashion choices, for experimenting with colour, cut and style, so stepping out of the ordinary at this time should be entirely encouraged. Thank you for reading.

Daisy xx


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