The Mulberry Darley Satchel


I have wanted to buy a good quality handbag for a long while, but have always managed to fritter my money away on other things. Although I am at university, I have a full time job during holidays, and so I was lucky enough to be able to be able to contemplate buying my long awaited first designer handbag once I had got paid. I wanted a small bag, as I am prone to carrying around a lot of pointless crap I don’t need, and so a small bag would keep the mess to a minimum. I researched hundreds of bags, but when I came across this one, I fell in love. It is the Mulberry Darley satchel bag  in Macaroon pink and the classic grain leather, and I just adore it. I went to the Mulberry store on New Bond street, just to look at it, without the intention of definitely making a purchase, but I couldn’t resist.

Although it is pretty, it is also practical. It is roomy for a small bag, and has an internal card slot so you don’t have to take your whole purse around with you. It has an adjustable shoulder strap, and it opens and closes very easily. It is a gorgeous little bag and in my opinion definitely worth the investment.

For it’s first outing (I’m sad I know), my lovely boyfriend and I, along with my bag, went again to The French Tarte in Surbiton for a spot of afternoon tea. As I have mentioned in a previous post, this place is gorgeous, selling beautiful cakes and patisserie as well as hot lunches and drinks.


This is what the bag looks like up close. It is a slightly brighter pink in person, the perfect colour for summer in my opinion.


I opted for the Chocolate Almond cake, while Omar had the coconut and lime sponge, both were delicious. I also had a vegetable croque monsieur which was so divine, and worth the stomach pains afterwards (My fellow lacto-free people will know my pain).


I hope you have enjoyed this post, I’m looking forward to styling my new bag and creating more content surrounding it for you to enjoy.

Thank you for reading.

Daisy xx


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