Taking Time Out In Southampton


Recently things have been a bit stressful in my day-to-day life. I have assignments due and exams to prep for, whilst trying to juggle everyday things like food shopping, washing, exercise and socialising, and for a while I was finding it hard to keep on top of it all. Whilst I was getting everything done and seemingly ticking along nicely, I was feeling down because I was getting no time to myself. We forget how important it is to make time to do the things we love, and take care of ourselves.

Since I realised that, I have made a conscious decision to try and spend more time doing things love, for me. Last weekend I took a trip to my local park to spend a little time in nature, surrounded by greenery. I have lived in the countryside all my life, and so when I moved to a big city for university it was a bit of a culture shock. I find that being surrounded by noise, traffic, buildings and other people can sometimes get you down, so a trip to see some leaves and greenery can really help improve your mood.

Walking outside in the fresh air, surrounded by trees and animals is such a lovely thing to do, and it helped so much with making me feel more relaxed and content with my life.

These are just a few photos I took whilst on my sunny Saturday walk, I can’t get over how green everything is, it’s just beautiful.


After walking around the park and feeding the ducks (I am 19 I promise, not 5), we went for a spot of lunch in a pub at the edge of the park which was lovely. Sitting outside and catching some Vitamin D was definitely what was needed.

Thank you for reading, and make sure to come back for more posts in the future.

Daisy xx

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