Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside


As mentioned in my previous blogpost, recently life has been quite stressful for me, so this weekend my lovely mother came down to visit me at university and we took my dog for a lovely long walk along the beach.

When looking at universities, I mainly looked at ones by the sea purely because I am such a water baby, and absolutely adore the ocean. I love surfing, and spend most of my summer in amongst the waves, so when I made the decision to come to Southampton I was excited to finally realise my dream of living by the sea. However, when I got to Southampton I very quickly realised that it did not have a beach, and short of going down to the docks which aren’t too aesthetically pleasing, I couldn’t really get anywhere near the open sea. Without having my car with me at uni, I can’t really get to the surrounding beaches, but having my mum come down for the day meant I was able to explore some of my home which I hadn’t before.

We drove to Lepe (pronounced ‘leap’, not ‘lepper’ as I had originally thought), which was about 30 minutes from Southampton and on the edge of The New Forest national park, and worlds away from the industrial docks i’ve grown used to. It was a pebble beach, which made it quite hard to walk along, but my little furry friend willow absolutely adored it and spent a good few hours running up and down, in and out of the water.


We walked right down to the end of the beach, and watched the multitude of sail boats which were dotted along on the water, and looked over to the Isle of Wight which was surprisingly very close. After our walk we had a cheeky burger and chips in a little cafe overlooking the water, before heading back. It was so nice to be by the sea, I find walking along the beach ever so soul cleansing, it washes away your troubles and really makes you feel alive.

As the weather in England is terribly temperamental (we experienced, sun, cloud, wind and rain on our trip), I wore my very nautical yellow coat from Batela, which protected me from the rain and looked very cute, although I did look slightly like a fisherman.




If you ever get the chance or are in the area, definitely visit Lepe, its lovely for a dog walk or a picnic on a nice summer’s day. Thank you for reading.

Daisy xx

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