Pimms, Pizza and Gingham lovin’

Photo 03-06-2017, 19 59 14

The other weekend me and my flatmates decided to have a rare girls night for food, wine and a good catch up. It gave me the opportunity to whack out a new dress that I discovered in Primark of all places. I have been seeing a lot of girls nailing the gingham trend on Instagram recently, but I’ve always thought that gingham would make me look a little bit house on the prairie, and not work practically in my day-day wardrobe. However, when I was browsing in Primark the other week, I came across this pretty gingham dress on the rack for £5 (yes you did hear that right)! I tried it on thinking that it probably wouldn’t suit me, however when I did I fell in love and of course I had to buy it.

Photo 03-06-2017, 19 59 09

Photo 03-06-2017, 19 59 06

(Dress – Primark // Shoes – New Look // Bag – Steve Madden // Pompom – Topshop )

It’s a really versatile piece that you can dress up or down. In this case I paired it with some simple plimsolls so as not to dress it up too much, but equally it would look great with some barely-there heels for a more sophisticated look.

Photo 03-06-2017, 19 01 09Photo 03-06-2017, 19 07 09

We went to a lovely restaurant in Southampton called L’Osteria which had the most amazing pizzas. They told us when we ordered that the pizzas were big, but we didn’t quite realise how big they were until we were confronted by these huge plates. However we accepted the challenge, and despite me being 5ft3 and a size 8, I somehow managed to fit the entire 18 inch pizza in my belly in one sitting (although I had to be rolled home afterwards). It was a lovely evening, and gave me a chance to try out this new gingham trend as well as indulge in some delicious pimms and pizza. If you are in southampton you should definitely give L’Osteria a try.

Daisy xx


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