The Beefy Boys


Living in Herefordshire there isn’t much in the way of exciting, cosmopolitan eateries, however recently there have been an increasing number of independent, street food inspired cafes and restaurants, which has made Hereford city a much more exciting and interesting place to live. In 2016, a restaurant called The Beefy Boys opened in a new development in Hereford centre, and it has quickly become one of the best places to eat around.


They describe themselves as ‘an award winning street food team from Hereford’, who started off working on a stall at events, before competing in a burger competition which named them as the producers of the UK’s best burger in 2014, and then came second in the world championships in 2015. Then in 2016 they opened their now infamous restaurant which has become a highlight of Hereford.


They specialise in burgers, from the simple ‘beefy boy’ hamburger, to a pizza burger, a macaroni burger as well as having great vegetarian options. I am a vegetarian, so I can’t speak for the meat burgers, but I know that ‘the bean boy’ is hands down the best veggie burger that I’ve ever had, and it’s what I order time and time again. Friends, family members and even my boyfriend who has eaten many burgers in his lifetime, all agree that Beefy boys is one of, if not the best burger they have ever eaten.


The sides are also great, with my favourite being the ‘millionaire fries’, skinny fries with truffle oil, parmesan cheese and chives with a chipotle mayo dip. It’s certainly not a place for the health conscious, but it’s a delicious treat that I think everyone should be able to try. If you are ever in the area, then Beefy boys is the place to go, trust me, you won’t regret it.

Daisy xx



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