Flower Power


This week we have been unusually blessed in the UK by gloriously sunny weather, and extreme heat (too hot, some may say), and so finding things to wear has been a challenge. There is nothing worse than finding a lovely outfit to wear, only to find that as soon as you put it on you are sweating buckets and are entirely uncomfortable. To avoid having this issue I have been wearing a lot of loose, flowy clothes in order to keep as cool as possible in the heat.

My favourite thing to wear at times like these are little sundresses. My wardrobe is full of them, I have them in so many different colours and patterns, and one for every occasion (some would say I have a clothes problem, I would disagree). At the moment I am loving florals (florals for spring/summer? so original – 10 points if you can name that quote), cliche I know, but when the sun is out I immediately want to dress in bright colours, pretty patterns and floaty fabrics. A sundress and sandals is probably the most minimal clothing you can get away with wearing on a day-to-day basis, and although I would love to just live my life in a bikini, I don’t think the world would want to see that.


(Dress – H&M // Sandals – Primark // Bag – Steve Madden // Pompom – Topshop // Sunglasses – Roxy // Bracelets – Pandora)

Last Saturday I took my dad out for a pre-fathers day lunch on what was an exceedingly hot day, and so I went to my go-to dress, this beautiful little sundress from H&M. I got it a couple of years ago, however they still do a dress in a very similar style and pattern, and also have a lot of different similar dresses to choose from. I paired it with some gorgeous sandals from Primark, which were an absolute steal at £4! The pink velvet ribbons make them slightly dressier than your average sandals, which I love. I took my trusty Steve Madden handbag, and the pompom which I have on there matched the pink flowers on the dress, and my shoes – I love a bit of co-ordination me. This outfit kept me cool, but was slightly dressier than shorts and a t-shirt which is perfect for a trip out for lunch.


I hope you enjoyed this post, stay tuned for more style related pots coming soon.

Daisy xx


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