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My name is Daisy, but most people call me Dais. I am a 19 year old English student from the heart of England, currently studying at The University of Southampton. Aside from my studies, I spend most of my time taking Instagram’s of the copious amounts of cake I eat, buying more clothes than I can fit in my wardrobe, or walking my favourite pet pooch willow.

I have a passion for writing; it is the main reason why I have chosen to study English, and this passion means I want to write about the things I love, namely fashion, beauty and food. This blog is not only a dedication to that passion, but a place where I can be creative, and produce content that (hopefully) someone out there will want to read.

If you fancy finding out a bit more about what I get up to in my day to day life, you can also find me here…

Instagram – @daisyhannahhart

Twitter – @golddaisychains



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