Snow Fairy



(Coat – New Look // Jumper – H&M // Scarf – Primark // Shoes – Converse)

We are swiftly moving from autumn into winter, and I for one am thrilled about it. I am a christmas lover through and through, and as the nights draw in, the lights are switched on and the costa christmas drinks menu is released, my levels of excitement go through the roof. I love dressing for this time of year as well. Chunky knits, ankle boots, woolly hats and all the fur that I can possibly throw on my body mean that I generally look like I’m going on an arctic expedition, but I do try to stay warm and stylish at the same time, which is a tricky one to pull off if you ask me.

For anyone who knows me, they will know that the colour pink is my all time favourite colour. I have more pink items in my life than you could find in a Disney shop, including a pinky frying pan and my favourite pink handbag. Pink is quite a hard colour to style in winter, so I’ve taken inspiration from my favourite shower gel from lush, which consequently is only released at christmas time, Snow Fairy. I bought this amazing pink scarf from primary of all places, and it is now a key piece in my winter wardrobe. It ties the pink together with other more wintery colours such as grey and blue and injects some fun into any outfit. I have been pairing it with my favourite maroon coat, and I think all of the colours go together so nicely.

It’s nearly christmas and I am planning so many festive blog posts, so make sure you come back again soon and join in with the christmas spirit.

Love Daisy xx


Autumn Loving

Hello all,

I am back! The summer flew by in a whirlwind, and before I knew it I was back at uni and with work piling up on top of me almost instantly I was unable to keep up with blogging unfortunately. However, I am back for good and am planning on producing so much content for my favourite time of year (autumn/christmas time if you hadn’t already guessed).

I spent most of September and October longing for the colder weather, the falling leaves and the pretty sunsets, and now that they are all here I couldn’t be happier. There is something magical about the autumn afternoon sun, and spending time in the countryside at this time of year is my favourite thing to do. Recently my boyfriend and I took a trip to the New Forest, to a town called Beaulieu, which is like something out of a fairytale. It is such a quaint little village, on the edge of the river, where wild ponies graze at the side of the road and the world seems so pass by at a much slower pace. We walked from the car along the river to an even smaller village called Bucklers Hard, where we stopped at the pub and had a hearty lunch, before walking back again.

As well as the lovely weather in autumn, I also love autumn clothes. Knitted jumpers are my obsession, and oranges, mustards and reds are all colours which feature heavily in my wardrobe at this time of year. I love to throw on a cosy knit, a pair of jeans and some chelsea boots for a day in the country, where I will be warm, comfortable but still look super cute.






(Jumper – New Look // Jeans – H&M // Boots – Primark // Bag – Pierre Cardin // Watch – Olivia Burton)








I hope you have enjoyed this post, make sure you come back for more content coming very soon, and in the meantime check out my Instagram to see what i’ve been up to.

Lots of love

Daisy xx



Notting Hill: The Instagram Guide


Recently I took a day trip to London to explore the beautiful Notting Hill. Whilst sadly I didn’t find Hugh Grant, I did find some gorgeous, very instagrammable places. We walked from Notting Hill Gate station down towards Portobello Road Market, which was just so full of colour, vibrancy and life. It was so interesting to walk down the road and look at all the lovely, quirky shops and stalls, and I had to stop myself from buying a hell of a lot of lovely things. We passed the infamous Hummingbird Bakery, and Farm Girl Cafe, but eventually decided to eat at Farmacy Cafe instead (stay tuned for a post all about this soon), which was delicious and re-fueled us for more exploring. There were so many amazing coloured houses, a real photographers dream, and it was such a lovely experience just walking around and taking it all in. I would definitely recommend a trip here, its super stylish with loads of things to do and see, and the perfect place for those all important Instagram photos. To see what I wear when I was there, hop over to this post and take a look. Let me know where your favourite Notting Hill haunt is, I would love some more recommendations for next time!

Love, Daisy x

Love Not Hate

Recently I have been loving wearing slogan t-shirts. I find them so easy and versatile to wear, easy to thrown on with some jeans or a skirt for a casual but cool look. My absolute favourite one is this one from Primark. It is a soft white cotton, with red velvet effect letters spelling out the words ‘love not hate’. As well as being a gorgeous and affordable top (I think it was only £6), I feel that in the the light of recent tragedies across the globe, this slogan is entirely apt. I know that by just wearing a t-shirt I can’t make much of a difference, but spreading such a positive message can never be a bad thing. I have received many compliments on it, with people remarking on the slogan, so I think it really is a very good buy.

On this occasion, I decided to match the red on the top to this red skirt, also from Primark. It seems from this post that I wear a lot of Primark clothes, which I don’t think is anything to be ashamed of. Their prices are so affordable, and while not everything they sell is my cup of tea, they have some incredible pieces which definitely don’t look as cheap as they really are. My wardrobe ranges from Primark pieces, to general high-street clothes right through to vintage and designer pieces, and you shouldn’t be afraid of shopping on the high-street, there are some real bargains to be had.

With the top and skirt, I decided to dress it down a bit as I was just spending the day walking around notting hill, and didn’t need to be too fancy. I wore my Stan Smith’s which gave the outfit a really casual vibe, then my beloved Mulberry Darley Satchel, and a pair of New Look sunglasses to finish the outfit off. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I think an outfit like this is perfect for a casual summer day, and something that I will definitely be reaching for again in the weeks to come.

Thank you for reading, come back again for more fashion and lifestyle posts like this one.

Daisy xx

Flower Power


This week we have been unusually blessed in the UK by gloriously sunny weather, and extreme heat (too hot, some may say), and so finding things to wear has been a challenge. There is nothing worse than finding a lovely outfit to wear, only to find that as soon as you put it on you are sweating buckets and are entirely uncomfortable. To avoid having this issue I have been wearing a lot of loose, flowy clothes in order to keep as cool as possible in the heat.

My favourite thing to wear at times like these are little sundresses. My wardrobe is full of them, I have them in so many different colours and patterns, and one for every occasion (some would say I have a clothes problem, I would disagree). At the moment I am loving florals (florals for spring/summer? so original – 10 points if you can name that quote), cliche I know, but when the sun is out I immediately want to dress in bright colours, pretty patterns and floaty fabrics. A sundress and sandals is probably the most minimal clothing you can get away with wearing on a day-to-day basis, and although I would love to just live my life in a bikini, I don’t think the world would want to see that.


(Dress – H&M // Sandals – Primark // Bag – Steve Madden // Pompom – Topshop // Sunglasses – Roxy // Bracelets – Pandora)

Last Saturday I took my dad out for a pre-fathers day lunch on what was an exceedingly hot day, and so I went to my go-to dress, this beautiful little sundress from H&M. I got it a couple of years ago, however they still do a dress in a very similar style and pattern, and also have a lot of different similar dresses to choose from. I paired it with some gorgeous sandals from Primark, which were an absolute steal at £4! The pink velvet ribbons make them slightly dressier than your average sandals, which I love. I took my trusty Steve Madden handbag, and the pompom which I have on there matched the pink flowers on the dress, and my shoes – I love a bit of co-ordination me. This outfit kept me cool, but was slightly dressier than shorts and a t-shirt which is perfect for a trip out for lunch.


I hope you enjoyed this post, stay tuned for more style related pots coming soon.

Daisy xx

Restaurant Ours

Photo 28-04-2017, 20 51 10

Last night I was lucky enough to go to the most beautiful restaurant. It was my other half and I’s anniversary, and so we thought we would make it special and take a trip to Restaurant Ours. Situated in the heart of Chelsea, this Brompton road eatery looks unassuming from the outside, but the gorgeous lit up walkway leads you to a stunning restaurant.

Our waitress explained that the whole concept of their Menu is based on sharing, and so you order various different dishes for the table and share amongst you. Now I’m a vegetarian, and my boyfriend is not, so it didn’t really work like that for us, but if you are with a table of like minded eaters then you can take this concept and run with it.

The food was divine. Fresh, organic, local ingredients cooked to perfection, and every dish was beautifully presented. I had the burrata with smoked tomato sauce and bread to start, which was lovely, and then for my main I had truffle tagliatelle, which was possibly the best pasta I’ve ever had. Then for dessert, we shared the chocolate fondant with amaretto ice cream and the homemade salted caramel stuffed doughnuts, both were a dream.

Photo 28-04-2017, 20 49 30

(Dress – Missguided // Bag – Mulberry // Shoes – Missguided // Watch – Olivia Burton // Jewellery – Pandora)

I wore a dress and shoes from misguided, which has 30 percent off right now for any fellow students, and then my latest purchase, this gorgeous Mulberry handbag. After working so hard over easter I decided to treat myself to my first ever proper designer handbag (a post all about it is to follow for anyone interested).

Photo 28-04-2017, 20 45 15Photo 28-04-2017, 19 05 34Photo 28-04-2017, 19 40 16

(My truffle tagliatelle and Omar’s filet steak)

Photo 28-04-2017, 19 22 19

(The gorgeous cheese starter which I most definitely didn’t want to share)


This Restaurant, although pricey, is a wonderful place to eat and a lovely experience, I would definitely recommend going if you have something to celebrate (or even if you don’t).

Thank you for reading.

Daisy xx

Mellow Yellow

For many, yellow is not a colour they would reach for in their wardrobe. It conjures up images of insipid, brash tones that turn the skin sallow and make you look like a children’s television presenter. However for me it brings an entirely different image. It makes me think of happiness, laughter, sunshine, flowers, and generally brings a smile to my face. Over the last year or so, I have incorporated a lot more colour into my wardrobe, namely yellow and orange, as they bring me the most happiness.

Yellow is a hard colour to get right. You don’t want it so bright it is blinding and almost luminous, but you also don’t want it to be dark, and more brown in tone. I have a few items from Topshop, which in my opinion, are in the perfect shade.

Photo 02-04-2017, 16 58 24Photo 02-04-2017, 16 58 31

( Jeans – Topshop // Top – Topshop // Bag – Steve Madden // Shoes – Missguided // Sunglasses – Roxy )

Photo 02-04-2017, 17 00 07

On a sunny afternoon I like to pair a yellow top with blue jeans, some little shoes and a cute bag, for a relaxed and cheerful look.

Spring and summer are time for fun fashion choices, for experimenting with colour, cut and style, so stepping out of the ordinary at this time should be entirely encouraged. Thank you for reading.

Daisy xx

Hello Spring

This time of year is on of the most joyous. The sun is finally peeking through the grey clouds still lingering from winter, the leaves are emerging filling the parks with colour, the flowers are pushing through the soil, and there is sense of a new beginning, a fresh start, new life. With spring comes longer days, sunsets which fill the skies with a pinky hue, birdsong fills the air, and we just generally feel happy and more invigorated by our surroundings. Spring is the perfect time for al fresco lunches and lazy Sunday afternoon strolls, both of which I have been doing a lot of lately (blog post all bout said lunches and strolls is soon to follow).

Whilst being one of the most happy times of the year, spring is also one of the most photogenic. The flowers in full bloom provide the perfect backdrop to photos, and the increase in colour definitely makes for a much more colourful Instagram grid (not that I’m obsessed or anything). I have been into wearing orange as of late, as it is in-keeping with this new spring in the air (pardon the pun), and even just a slick of orange lipstick is enough to brighten up anyone’s day. I like to pair mine with a co-ordinating item of clothing, although you have to be careful not to go to overboard and risk looking like a piece of fruit. This outfit is my go-to look for a casual spring day – perfect for a stroll in the park, a spot of Sunday brunch, or a lazy evening spent in the pub garden.

Photo 06-04-2017, 14 47 17

(Excuse my lack of matching pedicure, I am seriously lacking in the orange nail polish department)

Photo 06-04-2017, 15 08 57

(Jeans – Topshop Jamie jeans // Sandals – Primark // Jumper – Vintage // T-shirt – Primark // Sunglasses – Roxy)

This is how I like to style the colour orange for spring, its fun, casual and entirely effortless, just how I like it.

Thank you for reading, stay tuned for more that is yet to come from me.

Daisy xx

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