Tom Walker at Omera London

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Last Wednesday evening my boyfriend and I took a trip into London to go and see Tom Walker perform. If you haven’t heard of Tom, he’s a 25 year-old singer-songwriter from Manchester. I fell in love with his music when I heard his song ‘Fly Away With Me’ on a Spotify playlist a few months ago. I made my boyfriend listen to the song and he really liked it, and from then on we have both really enjoyed his music.

So for my boyfriend’s birthday I bought us tickets to go and see Tom Walker perform in London together. We got the train into London from Surrey, and got the tube to London bridge. I felt quite proud of myself, as being a born and bred country girl, getting the tube at rush hour on a weekday is not something I’m used to, or feel particularly comfortable with, but I coped with it. We were a bit early for the gig so we went to Pizza Express for dinner (I am a self-confessed pizza addict and will eat it anytime, anywhere).

We were still early for the gig when we got to the venue, so we sat outside in the sun under the shadow of The Shard drinking cider and it was just perfect. When Tom came onto perform later on, I was shocked at how amazing his voice sounded in real life. A lot of singers and musicians don’t sound as good in real life, but if anything, Tom sounded better! It was a very enjoyable evening, and if any of you are Tom Walker fans, I urge you to go and see him live, its definitely worth it.

Daisy xx


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