Tom Walker at Omera London

Photo 24-05-2017, 21 12 33

Last Wednesday evening my boyfriend and I took a trip into London to go and see Tom Walker perform. If you haven’t heard of Tom, he’s a 25 year-old singer-songwriter from Manchester. I fell in love with his music when I heard his song ‘Fly Away With Me’ on a Spotify playlist a few months ago. I made my boyfriend listen to the song and he really liked it, and from then on we have both really enjoyed his music.

So for my boyfriend’s birthday I bought us tickets to go and see Tom Walker perform in London together. We got the train into London from Surrey, and got the tube to London bridge. I felt quite proud of myself, as being a born and bred country girl, getting the tube at rush hour on a weekday is not something I’m used to, or feel particularly comfortable with, but I coped with it. We were a bit early for the gig so we went to Pizza Express for dinner (I am a self-confessed pizza addict and will eat it anytime, anywhere).

We were still early for the gig when we got to the venue, so we sat outside in the sun under the shadow of The Shard drinking cider and it was just perfect. When Tom came onto perform later on, I was shocked at how amazing his voice sounded in real life. A lot of singers and musicians don’t sound as good in real life, but if anything, Tom sounded better! It was a very enjoyable evening, and if any of you are Tom Walker fans, I urge you to go and see him live, its definitely worth it.

Daisy xx


Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside


As mentioned in my previous blogpost, recently life has been quite stressful for me, so this weekend my lovely mother came down to visit me at university and we took my dog for a lovely long walk along the beach.

When looking at universities, I mainly looked at ones by the sea purely because I am such a water baby, and absolutely adore the ocean. I love surfing, and spend most of my summer in amongst the waves, so when I made the decision to come to Southampton I was excited to finally realise my dream of living by the sea. However, when I got to Southampton I very quickly realised that it did not have a beach, and short of going down to the docks which aren’t too aesthetically pleasing, I couldn’t really get anywhere near the open sea. Without having my car with me at uni, I can’t really get to the surrounding beaches, but having my mum come down for the day meant I was able to explore some of my home which I hadn’t before.

We drove to Lepe (pronounced ‘leap’, not ‘lepper’ as I had originally thought), which was about 30 minutes from Southampton and on the edge of The New Forest national park, and worlds away from the industrial docks i’ve grown used to. It was a pebble beach, which made it quite hard to walk along, but my little furry friend willow absolutely adored it and spent a good few hours running up and down, in and out of the water.


We walked right down to the end of the beach, and watched the multitude of sail boats which were dotted along on the water, and looked over to the Isle of Wight which was surprisingly very close. After our walk we had a cheeky burger and chips in a little cafe overlooking the water, before heading back. It was so nice to be by the sea, I find walking along the beach ever so soul cleansing, it washes away your troubles and really makes you feel alive.

As the weather in England is terribly temperamental (we experienced, sun, cloud, wind and rain on our trip), I wore my very nautical yellow coat from Batela, which protected me from the rain and looked very cute, although I did look slightly like a fisherman.




If you ever get the chance or are in the area, definitely visit Lepe, its lovely for a dog walk or a picnic on a nice summer’s day. Thank you for reading.

Daisy xx

Taking Time Out In Southampton


Recently things have been a bit stressful in my day-to-day life. I have assignments due and exams to prep for, whilst trying to juggle everyday things like food shopping, washing, exercise and socialising, and for a while I was finding it hard to keep on top of it all. Whilst I was getting everything done and seemingly ticking along nicely, I was feeling down because I was getting no time to myself. We forget how important it is to make time to do the things we love, and take care of ourselves.

Since I realised that, I have made a conscious decision to try and spend more time doing things love, for me. Last weekend I took a trip to my local park to spend a little time in nature, surrounded by greenery. I have lived in the countryside all my life, and so when I moved to a big city for university it was a bit of a culture shock. I find that being surrounded by noise, traffic, buildings and other people can sometimes get you down, so a trip to see some leaves and greenery can really help improve your mood.

Walking outside in the fresh air, surrounded by trees and animals is such a lovely thing to do, and it helped so much with making me feel more relaxed and content with my life.

These are just a few photos I took whilst on my sunny Saturday walk, I can’t get over how green everything is, it’s just beautiful.


After walking around the park and feeding the ducks (I am 19 I promise, not 5), we went for a spot of lunch in a pub at the edge of the park which was lovely. Sitting outside and catching some Vitamin D was definitely what was needed.

Thank you for reading, and make sure to come back for more posts in the future.

Daisy xx

The Mulberry Darley Satchel


I have wanted to buy a good quality handbag for a long while, but have always managed to fritter my money away on other things. Although I am at university, I have a full time job during holidays, and so I was lucky enough to be able to be able to contemplate buying my long awaited first designer handbag once I had got paid. I wanted a small bag, as I am prone to carrying around a lot of pointless crap I don’t need, and so a small bag would keep the mess to a minimum. I researched hundreds of bags, but when I came across this one, I fell in love. It is the Mulberry Darley satchel bag  in Macaroon pink and the classic grain leather, and I just adore it. I went to the Mulberry store on New Bond street, just to look at it, without the intention of definitely making a purchase, but I couldn’t resist.

Although it is pretty, it is also practical. It is roomy for a small bag, and has an internal card slot so you don’t have to take your whole purse around with you. It has an adjustable shoulder strap, and it opens and closes very easily. It is a gorgeous little bag and in my opinion definitely worth the investment.

For it’s first outing (I’m sad I know), my lovely boyfriend and I, along with my bag, went again to The French Tarte in Surbiton for a spot of afternoon tea. As I have mentioned in a previous post, this place is gorgeous, selling beautiful cakes and patisserie as well as hot lunches and drinks.


This is what the bag looks like up close. It is a slightly brighter pink in person, the perfect colour for summer in my opinion.


I opted for the Chocolate Almond cake, while Omar had the coconut and lime sponge, both were delicious. I also had a vegetable croque monsieur which was so divine, and worth the stomach pains afterwards (My fellow lacto-free people will know my pain).


I hope you have enjoyed this post, I’m looking forward to styling my new bag and creating more content surrounding it for you to enjoy.

Thank you for reading.

Daisy xx

Restaurant Ours

Photo 28-04-2017, 20 51 10

Last night I was lucky enough to go to the most beautiful restaurant. It was my other half and I’s anniversary, and so we thought we would make it special and take a trip to Restaurant Ours. Situated in the heart of Chelsea, this Brompton road eatery looks unassuming from the outside, but the gorgeous lit up walkway leads you to a stunning restaurant.

Our waitress explained that the whole concept of their Menu is based on sharing, and so you order various different dishes for the table and share amongst you. Now I’m a vegetarian, and my boyfriend is not, so it didn’t really work like that for us, but if you are with a table of like minded eaters then you can take this concept and run with it.

The food was divine. Fresh, organic, local ingredients cooked to perfection, and every dish was beautifully presented. I had the burrata with smoked tomato sauce and bread to start, which was lovely, and then for my main I had truffle tagliatelle, which was possibly the best pasta I’ve ever had. Then for dessert, we shared the chocolate fondant with amaretto ice cream and the homemade salted caramel stuffed doughnuts, both were a dream.

Photo 28-04-2017, 20 49 30

(Dress – Missguided // Bag – Mulberry // Shoes – Missguided // Watch – Olivia Burton // Jewellery – Pandora)

I wore a dress and shoes from misguided, which has 30 percent off right now for any fellow students, and then my latest purchase, this gorgeous Mulberry handbag. After working so hard over easter I decided to treat myself to my first ever proper designer handbag (a post all about it is to follow for anyone interested).

Photo 28-04-2017, 20 45 15Photo 28-04-2017, 19 05 34Photo 28-04-2017, 19 40 16

(My truffle tagliatelle and Omar’s filet steak)

Photo 28-04-2017, 19 22 19

(The gorgeous cheese starter which I most definitely didn’t want to share)


This Restaurant, although pricey, is a wonderful place to eat and a lovely experience, I would definitely recommend going if you have something to celebrate (or even if you don’t).

Thank you for reading.

Daisy xx

The Best Cookies


I have jumped on the healthy eating bandwagon recently, and although I’m enjoying seeing the results, I do still long for those naughty treats that I can no longer have so often. I am back at uni for my final term this year now, and so to help me through the vast amounts of assignments that I need to do, I decided to bake some cookies.

I have been using this recipe for years, and it’s a fail-safe way to get the best cookies that you will have ever made. It’s a recipe from Tanya Burr which she featured on her YouTube channel years ago, but which I have been using ever since. These cookies are crispy on the outside, and soft and gooey on the inside, filled with delicious chunks of whatever chocolate you want, they are perfect.

To make the cookies you will need:

  • 200g of unsalted butter
  • 300g of caster sugar
  • 1 large egg
  • 325g of self raising flour
  • A dash of milk (this is optional)
  • 400g of any chocolate you desire (Tanya’s recipe suggest 200g of both milk and white chocolate but it’s entirely up to you)

The method to making these delicious treats is:

  • Preheat your oven to 200 degrees celsius, and line 2-3 large baking trays with baking parchment or tin foil.
  • Cream together your butter and sugar until light and fluffy, and then add the egg and mix into a smooth paste.
  • Sift in your flour, folding in a bit of a time, until there are no lumps of flour left and a smooth dough is formed
  • If your mixture is stiff and un-mouldable, add in a dash of milk to loosen slightly
  • Break up your chocolate, and mix it through the dough until it is evenly distributed.
  • Roll your dough into golf ball size balls, and spread them evenly onto your baking tray, leaving them plenty of room to grow in the oven, and then flatten the tops of the balls with your hands
  • Place in the oven and bake for precisely 12 minutes. When you take them out they may still look soft, but if you leave them to cool they will harden and become the perfect cookie.
  • Leave to harden on the tray before transferring them onto a wire rack to cool completely and then transfer them into an airtight storage container (thats if they haven’t been eaten by then).


These cookies are honestly delicious, you have to give them a try. Thank you for reading.

Daisy xx

Happy Hay-on-Wye

I am lucky enough to live fairly close to the welsh borders, and so the beautiful town of Hay-on-Wye isn’t too far from my neck of the woods. I have been visiting ever since I was a little girl, and although I have always loved it, I have grown especially fond of it the older I have gotten, as I feel I can now appreciate it’s character a lot more.


Hay lies right on the welsh border, so half of it is in England, and half in Wales. It is overshadowed by the rolling black mountains that span for miles behind the sleepy town, and create a stunning backdrop. It’s a quiet little place, rural and rather off he beaten track, but still manages to have a eclectic, edgy vibe. It is famously nicknamed ‘the town of books’, but to its multitude of second hand book stores. The literary element to this town was brought about by Richard Booth, who founded the infamous Richard Booth’s Bookshop , arguably the biggest and best secondhand bookshop in Hay. As well as selling thousands of secondhand books from every genre you could imagine, there is also a cafe and a cinema, so it really is a whole literary based empire. Booth nicknamed himself ‘The King of Hay”, and the lawns in front his castle in the centre of Hay are a lovely place to have a picnic. As well as having a veritable feast of bookshops, Hay also hosts the annual literary Hay Festival, where 2 weeks are dedicated to showcasing the best literary talent from around the globe, with talks from authors, producers, comedians, musicians and many more. For those two weeks Hay becomes a heaving, bustling hub of culture and inspiration, and so a visit to the festival, if you can, is certainly worth the trip.

As well as having its feet firmly rooted in the literary world, Hay is also a celebration of independence. Aside from the endless charity shops, there are hardly any chain shops at all, and instead, in their place are many independently run cafes, shops and art galleries. One of my all time favourite cafes is Shepherds , a family run sheep’s milk ice-cream shop, which is absolutely delicious. The flavours are constantly rotating, but some of my past favourites have been pistachio, cherry yoghurt and chocolate peanut butter – It’s definitely worth every penny.

Photo 11-04-2017, 14 08 25 (1)Photo 11-04-2017, 14 08 29Photo 11-04-2017, 14 22 47 (1)

The river Wye runs along the bottom of Hay, and there are many places in the surrounding areas that do cone trips down the river and not Hay, which are great fun, especially on a hot summer’s day. As well as the town itself, there is much stunning countryside to explore nearby. One of my favourite walks is up Hay Bluff, a mountain just above Hay, which has breathtaking views of the Herefordshire and Welsh countryside.


I recently took my boyfriend who is a Londoner born and bred to this part of the world, and he was genuinely blown away by the beauty of the countryside. So if you fancy an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, try a trip to Hay, I promise it won’t disappoint.

Thank you for Reading.

Daisy xx

Mellow Yellow

For many, yellow is not a colour they would reach for in their wardrobe. It conjures up images of insipid, brash tones that turn the skin sallow and make you look like a children’s television presenter. However for me it brings an entirely different image. It makes me think of happiness, laughter, sunshine, flowers, and generally brings a smile to my face. Over the last year or so, I have incorporated a lot more colour into my wardrobe, namely yellow and orange, as they bring me the most happiness.

Yellow is a hard colour to get right. You don’t want it so bright it is blinding and almost luminous, but you also don’t want it to be dark, and more brown in tone. I have a few items from Topshop, which in my opinion, are in the perfect shade.

Photo 02-04-2017, 16 58 24Photo 02-04-2017, 16 58 31

( Jeans – Topshop // Top – Topshop // Bag – Steve Madden // Shoes – Missguided // Sunglasses – Roxy )

Photo 02-04-2017, 17 00 07

On a sunny afternoon I like to pair a yellow top with blue jeans, some little shoes and a cute bag, for a relaxed and cheerful look.

Spring and summer are time for fun fashion choices, for experimenting with colour, cut and style, so stepping out of the ordinary at this time should be entirely encouraged. Thank you for reading.

Daisy xx

Sunny Surrey

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a girl who gets bored instantaneously. I hate doing the same thing, being in the same place, seeing the same things for any longer than a short period of time, and so I am constantly on the lookout for places for me to visit and things for me to do. Luckily my lovely other half lives right across the country from me, so I can use seeing him as an excuse for a time away to explore somewhere new.

So last weekend, I decided to make the 4 and a half hour train journey (my fear of motorway driving is yet to be conquered), and spend a weekend discovering the Surrey area. Luckily we were blessed with beautiful weather, some of the warmest we have had this year, which made the whole experience even more enjoyable. We mainly spent our time exploring Surbiton, and Kingston-upon-thames, both of which were equally lovely. Me being me meant that our exploring mainly centred around food, as my stomach honestly rules my life (I get seriously hangry when I don’t get enough food), but that was okay, because we essentially had four days dedicated to eating the best food Surrey had to offer. Photo 01-04-2017, 13 48 23

The streets of Surbiton were some of the nicest I’ve seen, and just wandering through on a sunny Saturday afternoon was a lovely experience.

Photo 01-04-2017, 15 28 15

A walk along the river Thames proved for a lovely afternoon – the sun was shining, swans and geese swam alongside us whilst boats travelled languidly up and down the water filled with tourists all wanting to take pictures of the beautiful scenery, and rightly so!

Photo 01-04-2017, 15 28 19 (1)Photo 01-04-2017, 15 38 05Photo 02-04-2017, 16 36 40Photo 02-04-2017, 16 37 47 (1)Photo 01-04-2017, 14 14 08

On the Saturday we visited The Hart’s Boatyard for lunch (we didn’t just go because of my namesake, I promise). We had a gorgeous meal overlooking the water, this deep fried brie (see above) was heaven on a plate, although if consumed regularly is probably a heart attack on a plate!

Photo 02-04-2017, 15 06 41

On Sunday we decided to yet again go out for lunch, and this time opted for a little french cafe called The French Tarte. Alongside traditional french savouries like cheese and ham croissants and brioche toast, they served a huge array of french cakes, tarts and patisserie. I had this beautiful little raspberry mousse cake which was almost too beautiful to eat (although I still managed to devour it pretty quickly). Anything with edible gold leaf is extremely exciting in my opinion, and so my loving boyfriend had to endure my squeals of glee and subsequent instagramming when I was served this little beauty.

These are just some snippets from my weekend in Surrey, but I highly recommend a visit to both of the eateries mentioned. Even if you can’t get away to somewhere new, a weekend of exploring is always a mood booster and so if you can, its always worth the effort.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, stay tuned for more to come.

Daisy. xx

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